Our Mission

Improving the Life, Health and Welfare of the Bayonnais Community in Haiti…

The mission and vision of Mont Sinai Ministries Bayonnais is to improve the life, health and welfare of the people by providing and creating a healthy, safe and caring environment. Mont Sinai seeks to empower the people of Bayonnais to become self-sufficient through education and enterprise efforts.

Mont Sinai Ministries Bayonnais, Inc. seeks to further the cause and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Operating as the hands and feet of Jesus, we strive to care and provide for orphans, widows, and others in their time of greatest need. Our primary focus is to promote the education, health and well-being of individuals in need living in the region of Bayonnais, Third Section of Gonaives, Haiti.

About the Ministry

Mont Sinai Ministries was founded by Pastor Saint Victor Sejour. Saint Victor was his given name at birth in the Bayonnais area of Haiti, one of the poorest regions of the poorest nation in our hemisphere. His parents wanted to “rescue” him from this situation and worked very hard to send him to the nearest education, in Gonaives, Haiti. Saint Victor excelled and completed law school as well as seminary. He then felt that God was calling him back to his home village to help orphans and widows. He also felt that all the people from his village deserved to have an education. His family was concerned for several reasons and tried to dissuade him from retuning. They feared for his safety, but also had hoped he would go onto a successful career and be able to send support money to them in the village.

St. Victor returned and built a church and an orphanage in Bayonnais in 2003. Later, with help from churches in the USA and Rotary grants, there was a school built for the area as well.

Mont Sinai Ministries was created to provide housing, food and clothing to the orphans in the mountains of Bayonnais. It also helps widows with children. The school provides education to 700 students. It has primary and secondary education.

Pastor Saint Victor Sejour has a seminary degree as well as a law degree. He works 3 jobs to help support the ministry. But it is not enough and we need your help to sustain this wonderful work.

The Staff and Team

Mont Sinai is operated by locals and supported through friends in the United States. His Church of Okeechobee, Florida, though few in numbers, is a consistent supporter. Crossing Community Church has also recently begun support of this ministry through annual clothing drives.
Other friends and supporters contribute on an individual basis. Pastor Saint Victor is supported by a handful of local workers who tend to the children at the orphanage. Some of the widows who receive support through the ministry also give back by helping out at the orphanage. There are also locals who teach at the school and some of the older orphans who have received an education through this ministry are now able to give back by teaching the younger children.

The Rotary Clubs of Port Saint Lucie, Florida and Okeechobee, Florida have also been contributors to the work being done there, as has Rotary International through some of its grant programs.

Meet the Children